'the first on the left' trailer from Elke Desutter on Vimeo.

The First on the left

The first the left, sounds familiar when you are looking for a location. This time you forget the directions when entering the room thanks to an overwhelming sence of disorientation in space and time. The direction helped you enter a perfectly measured space where 5 doors tell an unpredictable story through sound, projections and reflections. The concept is to seduce every passer-by to enter the room and merge in the visual play of the installation. You are invited to enter the room and search for your own story whilst you silhouet becomes part of the installation. The dark space is filled with mirrored images, rhythms of moving bodies in an inspiring cadans of repelling and attracting. ‘The first on the left’ is a result of a collaboration between sound-artist/ musician Laurens Van Bouwelen and video/installation-artist Elke Desutter, where analogue instruments and surrounding sound sometimes connect and disconnect with the projected images and at other times interrupt each other.