Elke Desutter

Bruges 1987

Lives in Ghent, works in Bruxelles



.2009-2011 Master in free-arts, School of arts, Ghent

.2006-2009 Bachelor in free-arts, School of arts, Ghent

.2002-2005 Artistieke opleiding, Jan Van Eyck academy, Bruges


Brief description of artwork

Starting from fascination in the human behavior, Desutters work creates its own reality. Everybody has a different overall experience. How people react to each other, to strangers and to people they know, how we react in different places and situations ( for example a waiting room).

The stories we make around people and places is what drives Desutter in her work. We always try to understand certain situations and make connections to things we already know. In her work she tries to fool people in making connections. By using the human body in her work, she attracts the spectator's attention. It is easy to reflect yourself onto another person in a video. The body respresents EVERYBODY in her work. We see the body in its purest form.

But because the body isn't always recognizable, it sometimes presents itself as an object. It seems lifeless. But when we recognize the skintones or certain shapes, we try to link what we see to what we know. If we don't understand something, the brain always tries to makes connections to what it knows.

Desutter plays with reality and fiction in her work. The body gets tied to the reality through video and installations. By combining reality and fiction the image seems real. Non existing images are shown as realistic, but they do not lose their fictive aspect. The viewer accepts the video as real by watching it.

By using installations and video it's possible to fuse objects and video. That way Desutter makes objects come to life. It gives an extra dimension to her work and grabs the attention of the spectator. The work is more tangible through installation. It becomes easier to accept this as a reality.