Elke Desutter

Video and installation artist



Lives in Ghent, Belgium



.2009-2011 Master in free-arts, School of arts, Ghent


.2006-2009 Bachelor in free-arts, School of arts, Ghent


.2002-2005 Artistieke opleiding, Jan Van Eyck academy, Bruges


Artist statement

‘To Titillate’ trtrlert/

arouse (someone) to interest or mild excitement, especially through sexually suggestive images or words.

arouse, rouse, excite, stimulate, stir, thrill, interest, attract, please, fascinate

The body embodies many aspects in Elke’s work. It is used as a model, an object and medium. The disconnection from ‘the body’ as we know it fascinates, attracts and invites to look closer.

Using media like video, photocollage and installation, she explores the body in all it forms. The body is literally objectified. This time NOT as a lust-object.

By reinventing the way we look at the body and how it takes shape, Elke researches what happens through recognition and abstraction. Using skintones and imperfections of the body as fundation, the body is pulled apart from its known form and image of the body is recreated. Imperfections of the body and the skin are investigated and made into a Body of Bodies. Elke photographs all the models herself and searches for the right perspective and details to use in her collages.

As a spectator we all search for recognition. This urge makes us see things that aren’t really there. We tend to see ‘Pareidolia’, this literally means looking beside the image and seeing something that is not there. Our brain is used to recognise things quickly. This is a basic reflex which protects us from danger and helps us read people’s expressions.

The body respresents EVERYBODY and becomes ONE trough collages. Gender, race and age are put in one bundle of bodies. Which parts of the body we see isn’t clear. As a spectator you tend to try and figure out which parts you are seeing. We see the body in its purest form. Nude and with all its imperfections. Shown as it is but out of its context. Through this the phenomenon of pareidolia can take place. Something Elke plays with in her work.


Selections and prizes




‘Stimulans’/ Selection/ Paardenstallen Broelmuseum in Courtray


‘Kunstsalon Sant’ / Selection/ Stadshallen in Bruges




‘Provincial price for fine arts'/ Laureate/ Venetian Galleries in Ostend




‘Frappant expo’/ Preselection/collaboration with Wesley Van Gaever /Diamantmuseum in Antwerp




‘Arnoevoo’/3th  place/ Staf Versluys in Bredene




‘Curieus’ in Wenduine/ Selection for the final in Ypres








'CENSORmeTHIS'/ solo expo/ Blanco in Ghent


'Projector'/ Audiovisual Festival/ Haar in Antwerp


'Ongezien 3'/ Dopplatform/ BP building in Antwerp


'More = More'/ Groupshow/ CC Sint-Niklaas


'Overspel deel II'/Project Prevenda/Antwerp Central Station




'Overspel'/Project Prevenda/Antwerp Central Station


'The inhabitant Body'/ Groupshow 300jaar academie/ Schipperskapel in Bruges


'The first on the left'/ Sponsored project with musician Laurens Van Bouwelen/ Kouter in Ghent


'Kunstenlab'/Passage/ Bogardenkapel in Bruges






'Als Ooit' Artforum/ Opek/ in Leuven


'Open Ateliers Nucleo'/ Villa De Wal in Wondelgem


'The Imperfectionists Abroad'/ Design Festa Gallery in Tokyo, Japan


'4de editie KRVN'/ in Roeselare






'Byob'/ Kerk in Ghent


'Byob'/ Tivoli in Utrecht, the Netherlands


'Dis_connected' solo exhibition/ Blanco in Ghent


'TIG # 3'/ Gouvernement in Ghent




‘Hide & Seek’/ Bogardenkapel in Bruges


‘Open ateliers’/ Nucleo, Begga Convent in Ghent


‘ Stimulans’/ Paardenstallen Broelmuseum in Courtray


‘Kunstsalon Sant’/ Stadshallen in Bruges


‘ The Imperfectionists ’/ Galleria Rajatilassa in Tampere in Finland


‘ BEAF ’/ Bozar in Bruxelles (assistence for artist Valery Vermeulen)




‘ Tumult '/ Stukken in Ghent


‘ Trial ’/ CC Meulestede in Ghent




‘ Norda Xposed ’/ Norda in De Haan


‘ Brut-ell ’/ Zebrastraat in Ghent


‘ T-Lab ’/ TOI3 in Ronse




‘ Kaskweek ’/ Kask in Ghent


‘Ausstellung ’ / Leonardo Campus in Münster, Germany


‘ Vierjaarlijkse prijs voor beeldende kunsten ‘/ provincial price West-Flanders ,Venetian Galleries in Ostend




‘ Jonge Zwervers III ‘/ Offoff, lindenlei 38 in Ghent


‘ Exhibition.Wystawa. tentoonstelling ‘/ ccd’Annexe in De Haan


 ‘ Mayday Mayday ’/ Campo Boma in Ghent


‘ Frappant expo ’/ Diamantmuseum in Antwerp


‘ Jazz & Sounds ’/ Concertgebouw Kask in Ghent




‘ Arnoevoo ’/ Staf Versluys in Bredene


‘ Actuele Kunst Labo ’/ in Ronse


‘ Bijlokedag ’/ Kask in Ghent


‘ Titel# ’/ Hof ter Dampoort in Ghent




‘ Solo project, Het magazijn‘/ JH ‘de Kaarderij’ in Ghent




‘ Kiezen voor kunst ’/ Provincial edition / in Ypres




‘ Curieus ’/ Wielingenbad in Wenduine




‘ Vrouw en geweld ’/ Amnesty International/ in Bruges

Video and installation art 

Elke Desutter